Transform Unstructured Documents into Actionable Insights

Using natural language processing and artificial intelligence, Consensus Clarity unlocks the valuable data in faxes and PDFs, letting your staff spend more time on what matters: patient care.

Extract actionable insights from faxes/PDFs
clinical workflows
Improves reaction
times to patients’
urgent issues
Increases data accuracy by preventing human errors
Enhance your patient experience

Apply Consensus Clarity to Improve Key Healthcare Processes

Unlock Valuable Data to Improve Patient Care

Save timeFrom processing papers or faxes by hand

Prevent errorsFrom manual data entry

Save on CostsBetween $6 and $8 savings per page

See real-world evidence of how NLP/AI can turn your unstructured documents into actionable insights that can improve your staff’s workflows, save your organization money, and lead to better outcomes.

Let Consensus Clarity’s NLP/AI transform your paper documents into useful data that unlocks efficiencies and insights across your patients’ continuum of care.
Unlock Insights with NLP/AI
Unlock Insights with NLP/AI

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