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Stop by our booth at ViVE 2023 to learn how we're building a more connected future in healthcare at the highest levels of privacy and security. Helping organizations access meaningful patient data to get the most comprehensive information in order to make the smartest decisions.

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InterOpNOW! Kiosk 2102-13
ViVE Central Booth 1020

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Panel Discussion:

Achieving Interoperability: Is Adoption Our Last Hurdle?


Jim Tate, The Tate Chronicles


ViVE Central | 1524 Healthcare NOW Radio on the CHIME DHI Stage


Tuesday, March 28, 11 - 12 pm Central

An interoperable healthcare system promises undeniable benefits – streamlined care and better outcomes at a lower cost. But after two decades, how close are we to our goal? Join our panel of digital transformation experts as they answer the remaining questions in the pursuit of timely, integrated and secure access to patient data. They’ll discuss clinical workflow enhancements, data security, TEFCA, standards and trust – but most importantly, they’ll predict how we overcome interoperability’s final hurdle.

Featured Panel Guests:

Bevey Miner

EVP Healthcare Strategy and Policy
Consensus Cloud Solutions

Michael Parisi

Vice President of Adoption,

Scott Stuewe

President and CEO,

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Without the proper interoperability solutions in healthcare, you may feel like you’re playing a game of Drawful! You’re limited in the ways you can communicate, there is a lack of time, a lack of continuity and your message may not be received the way you intended.

Stop by the booth to see if you can beat our communication-exchange experts at a game of Drawful. All Drawful players will be entered in our daily raffle to win the best-selling game console - Nintendo Switch.

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InterOpNOW! Kiosk 2102-13

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